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Shellfish Tomato Sauce,  Thickened





Servings (approximate):


Total prep time (approximate):

30 minutes (+30 minutes for shellfish)

Date added (approximate):






·          2 T olive oil

·          4 garlic cloves,  minced

·          ½ medium sweet onion (Vidalia,  Maui,  or similar),  minced

·          1 T flour

·          3 ripe medium tomatoes (or one can whole tomatoes,  drained)

·          ½-1 cup red wine OR reserved steaming juices,  or combination

·          2 T dried oregano (OR fresh—if fresh,  add with basil and scallions as below).

·          1 cup shellfish meat (see below)—mussels (live in shell),  clams (live in shell),  or oysters (raw,  without shells),  or a combination—cooked,  with reserved steaming juice

·          ½ cup scallion greens,  chopped

·          2 T minced fresh basil



·          1 bag mussels (about 40) OR

·          20 steamer clams

·          1 cup white wine OR 1 cup water OR combination

·          2 minced garlic cloves

·          1 bunch cilantro,  leaves only,  minced

·          1 bay leaf

·          If using fresh,  raw oysters,  skip the steaming section,  and drain well—reserve the drained liquid to add to the sauce instead of water or wine,  if you’d like.

·          Heat oil on high heat in a large pan.  Add garlic,  and sauté 1-2 minutes,  until fragrant but not brown.  Add onion and sauté another 2 minutes,  until wilted. 

·          Slowly add flour and stir to dissolve in oil, garlic,  and onions—this should get thick and pasty.

·          Add tomatoes,  and dried oregano if using.  Stir well,  and reduce heat to low.

·          Stir continuously until mixed well.  As the sauce simmers,  the tomatoes will cook down and their liquid will make the sauce.  However,  you will most likely need to add more liquid,  preferably the wine and/or steaming juices,  to get the “sauce-like” consistency.

·          Simmer about 15 minutes,  until tomatoes are cooked through,  and sauce is thickened to the consistency of a stew or loose cream sauce—add wine/juices as needed.

·          If using raw oysters—add to the sauce,  and cook,  stirring often,  another 5 minutes.

·          Add scallion greens,  cooked shellfish,  and basil—stir well,  simmer 2 minutes,  and remove from heat.


·          Steaming clams or mussels—combine the liquid(s),  garlic,  cilantro,  and bay leaf.  Bring to a rolling boil on high heat.  Reduce heat to medium,  add shellfish,  and cover.  Check every 5 minutes—when the shells have opened and the shellfish flesh has begun to pull away and shrink,  they’re done.






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