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Jesus,  the Gun Owner,  and Jesus the Gun Owner (11/11/99)

First of all,  I apologize for the delay in editorials.  Iris was visiting Biloxi with a friend and they tell me they whoomped up on the chances and probabilities,  or whatnot,  and as such,  were not available for damned near 6 weeks to transcribe my opinions.  Iris,  my grand-baby, is newly returned,  and newly recharged,  and oddly glowing in her effervescent facial whatnot.

That being said,  and ignoring the fact that Iris's breasts are starting to look like swollen cantalopes,  my comments here refer to the interaction of the Christian man with the gun-owning man,  compared to what the gun-owning man would have been like back when the gun-owner didn't exist (because there were no guns) and the man who would've owned guns would have spoken Aramaic.

During le absence de l'Iris,  as the French might say,  if they spoke a language worth a damn,  I had opportunity to ratiocinate upon the question of guns,  arms,  guns and armament,  and men.  I have not completely worked out the thoughts and opinions here,  but I think the rough draft shown below should be sufficient to describe my ideas.

  1. Men,  not women, invented weapons of war,  and,  as such,  they should be allowed to carry them.
  2. The Bill of Rights guarantees the rights of men to carry guns and/or other weapons of defense.
  3. Jesus was the son of God,  and,  as such,  could have smitten many people,  places,  and things,  due to his divinity.
  4. The gun owning, God-fearing patriot of our present-day nation simply carries on with the divine dictates immortalized in the Bible,  as well as the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
  5. Accepting the previous assumptions,  were Jesus able to carry a pistol,  he certainly would have.  Witness his stern dealings with the usurers on the temple steps.
  6. Any bricklayer or sheet-rock scraper that makes off to Biloxi,  Mississippi, with my Grandbaby Iris deserves to have a 9-mm shoved up his ass and emptied.
  7. Further,  Jesus informs me that said worker monkey lives at 33-1/2 Jernigan,  just up the road a piece,  and said wall-board huffer is about to talk to Jesus about their choices of bodily holes and xxx.dkokdojfpkaodjs...

    Anyway,  I digress.  Iris refuses to write anymore words on her Porno-Purveyor,  and I can't figure out how to make the lines wrap around at the edge of the screen.
I will eat his esophagus
Buck Atmore

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