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Harassed by an Angel (9/17/99)

A web-based forum and collection of opinion called Gulf1.com frequently runs articles by the crimp day lay crimp of Pensacola's brain trust.  You can find Doctor Hal Mason there, along with Chuck Baldwin,  Don Priest, as well as the subject of this fawning editorial,  Pat Cramer's "Have You Ever Met an Angel?".  Surely the onslaught of Western knowledge has not known such a collection of intellects since the Manhattan Project,  or even Ronald Reagan's first term cabinet.  There is some truly exemplary material there.  I'll pause my typing whilst you visit the link.

I think it is high time,  and time none too soon,  that someone collects and anthologizes the numerous, indeed COUNTLESS,  angelic interventions in our daily lives.  I am so very wearied of reading the typical liberal godless terms and phrases "coincidence",  "chance",  and even "inconsequential daily existence" being applied to events that are so obviously influenced,  if not directed,  by angels. Angels verily permeate the air around us,  somewhere in the ether between the shell of the earth and the Heavens.  Angels are to our daily existence as swarms of gnats and diptera are to our car grills--you can't swing a dead cat without at least brushing the tips of an angel's wing.  They're so omnipresent it's ridiculous.

The "Angels" column on Gulf1.com contains many valuable and enjoyable examples of the incidents of angelic activity in some lives.  Since those incidents are so varied and so numerous,  that poor lady can't hope to keep up with all of them.  I hope to augment the collection of angelic influence stories with this column.  First,  I record the latest angelic intervention in my own life.  Second,  I print (as written) the angelic interventions in the life of one of my adopted foster grand-nephews,  Buck Graham Hildegard-Bingen Atmore.  Finally,  I offer some examples of other angelic interventions that were possibly overlooked in other angel anthologies.

May your personal,  full-time,  24/7 angel guide you to the next paragraph.




By golly,  this must be some harvest season for angel stories.  They ooze from the walls.  The Lord has blessed us with a bounty.  Amen.

Angelically blessed,  but still watching what his children do,
Buck Atmore

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