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Raising the Dead: A Position Paper (7/28/99)

One of the true miracles documented in the New Testament is the reviving of the dead by Our Lord and Savior,  the Big JC.  "Lazarus,  come forth!" is more than a true and documented statement of our Lord,  however.  Those of us lucky enough to be acquainted with true Christian faiths understand this gift --the rejuvenation of the dejuvenated-- to be a vibrant and vital contemporary occurrence in the right hands,  and various Lazaruses have been summoned back from the terminus of this mortal coil time and time again.

Anointed and verily blessed with the Spirit,  the best preachers and pastors of our time are still raising the dead amongst us.  Even in the Pensacola area,  this power is known--though the Brownsville Assembly of God was unable to raise a dead infant last year (not for lack of trying).  I firmly believe that,  given a little more time,  this tiny ice-packed tyke would have been gurgling anew,  naysayers notwithstanding.  But I digress.

Reliable sources posit that almost daily spirits are being reacquainted with their mortal remnants in other countries.  Rarely do you see a retelling of this miracle in the US,  or most of the so-called Western nations.  Skeptics often ask,  "Why do these alleged revivifications only occur in third-world,  over-populated countries?" The critics and godless atheists point to this as being proof of some sort of lie perpetuated by unintelligent and easily led acolytes.  The critics assume that,  since the raising of the dead does not make the papers in Whitebread,  USA,  it must not be happening.  Brethren and sistren,  I call them the liars.  The dead ARE being raised by anointed and holy healers,  in Mexico,  Guatemala,  Honduras,  South Miami,  and other third-world areas.  And the reason it isn’t happening here in the USA is because we no longer have the heartfelt love of Christ that’s necessary in the general populace for such miracles to occur,  and we also have too many "reality-based" TV shows.

My theory is simple—the mysterious ways of The Lord are not mysterious when they are questioned.  The Lord is moving many of our best and brightest healers to summon the spirits of the departed back from the edge of Eternity to reinvigorate their discarded husks.  This happens daily,  and is often a drudgery to some of our missionaries who must awaken each morning in the humid wilds of some South American nation to retrieve departed ghosts and pray them back into their bodies.  I can imagine their (the missionaries’) mental monologue:  "Brush the teeth (up-down,  up-down,  back-and-forth),  don’t forget the deodorant,  floss,  spit,  rinse,  spit again,  remember to revive the corpses…".  It’s daily,  friends.  DAILY.  And yet,  you put this wide-anointed power in an area that has video cameras mounted everywhere,  and the Spirit of the Lord might not want to play for the audience.  The Lord works his wonders in mysterious ways,  indeed,  incomprehensible ways.  To be incomprehensible means to be such that it is not understandable.  To be videotaped makes something all the more understandable.  Hence,  the Lord is not making a movement to revive the dead in areas with a high proportion of cameras to residents simply because to do so would make His actions more comprehensible,  hence,  less Lord-like.  Comprendé?

Look at the facts.  Years ago,  before the advent of video on demand (i.e. before everyone and his dog had a personal video recorder),  many wondrous activities were reported.  Healings,  reanimation of the dead,  visitations by angels (also known as alien landings),  and even friendly neighbors offering pies and cider were commonplace.  As "Western",  "civilized" mankind made its inexorable march toward modernity,  such things became less common in the areas inundated with such trappings of contemporary life,  and more common in areas showing a dearth of them.  Those with easy access to the Porno Purveyors and Brain Vampires (i.e. computers and television) became jaded and complacent,  whilst those with the true remnants of unsullied faith became oddities.

In short,  "miracles" stopped happening where the sucking brain leeches known as "THE MEDIA" were present,  or,  indeed,  where people asked too many questions,  even in the absence of an organized media.  The Lord chose (and chooses still) not to make manifest the wonders of his glory where there are too many people who question.  Happily,  miracles continued (and continue) to occur elsewhere.  Hence the preponderance of angel visitations (i.e. alien landings),  revived corpses,  and bleeding and/or crying statues of religious icons in areas as diverse as middle Nebraska and lower Tegulcigalpa.  Jesus made it quite clear in the New Testament that both the meek and the sheep-like  were His chosen converts—there was a reason then,  and the reason remains adequate for our troubled and ominously apocalyptic era.


I won’t pretend to say that all these corpse reanimations are true.  As many as 5% of the revivals of corpses could have been staged by charlatans and dishonest people,  according to the latest study by "Fundamentalist/Charismatic Monthly Digest of Science" (October,  1998).  Fully 10% of the alleged alien visitations are falsified,  and of the remaining 90%,  10% of those were not real angels but were merely Nephilim (cf. "Review of Visitations Yearbook,  October,  1997").  The remaining contacts,  however,  are enough to give pause to our so-called "modern Western mindset".

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