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My Brethren,  the False Prophets  (6/30/99)

Iris has made brownies again,  and I am happily seated here at the Olympia typewriter writing out my latest newsletter.  I must say,  these brownies are tasty.  In the background I hear the dulcet tones of the Jerry Falwell Christian Choir Band,  in the foreground I have a blank sheet of high quality bonded paper Iris brought home from her social worker job,  and to the right,  aside the Bible,  I have a heaping platter of her "special brownies" she makes with oregano or something like that.

Did I mention the brownies are tasty?

Anyway,  Iris is my "grandbaby".  She's grand,  to be sure.  Yep.

As I think I mentioned,  this article concerns the recent Escambia County school board contretemps.  That's an interesting word,  contretemps.  It means "an awkward occurrence".  The word "contretemps" isn't pronounced nearly like it's spelled,  and,  to make matters worse,  the definition using "awkward" is even more awkward since "awkward" comes from a Middle English word and "contretemps" comes from the French,  and the French are known for their habit of loaning words to the English which are spelled quite unlike they sound.  KAWNtreTOM.  Who would have guessed?  Another strange Frog word is "coup".  You'd think KOOP.  You'd be wrong.

Never mind the fact that many English words are somehow related to German words.  Like German.  It's not German,  it's English,  but it refers to the Germans.  They call themselves "Deutsche".  We call them Germans.  We call their country Germany.  They call it Deutscheland.  And we can't even blame the French for screwing up the words.

As I think I mentioned,  this article concerns the recent Escambia County school board maelstrom.  There's an interesting word,  even if it doesn't relate to what I'm trying to say,  and damned if these aren't some of the best brownies (or burnt siennas,  I should call them,  since they look like that crayon color,  not so much brown,  but the other).  Maelstrom is,  I think,  from a Dutch word,  and refers to a whirlpool.  Edgar A. Poe (or was it PO?) wrote a story called "The Descent into the Maelstrom",  and I think he said it all.  I also think there is a writer named Po.  Dario Po?  No?

As I sit here and collect my thoughts on the Escambia County School Board contretemps,  ensconced in the maelstrom of its own devising,  I can't help but think as an aside (while eating one of these gorgeous and somehow green brownies or burnt siennas,  as I call them) that I can't remember the aside.  Anyway,  as an aside to the aside I forgot,  I do remember sometime in the late 1970's Saturday morning television with a character named Isis who yelled "Oh Mighty Isis" then engaged some pagan unGodlike energy source to transform from a mild-mannered teen into a short-skirted denizen of Hell named Isis,  I assume named after the Egyptian (or maybe Assyrian,  or perhaps Mesopotamian)goddess,  and on the same show,  different day,  there was this tight-shirted guy who would yell "SHAZAM" and become a superhero,  and I think "shazam" sounds like something a muezzin would scream from atop a minaret,  but I could be wrong,  but I probably am correct.  Either way,  they're heathens.

Isis sounds a lot like "Iris".  Perhaps.  These morsels are certainly appealing,  and I shall eat the last of them.

SO, as such,  the Excalibur Country Screw Broad has done something I don't agree with,  and it's obvious what it is.  In closing,  I say Brian Eno.  Or enough.

Regards and regardless,
What are these strange colors that assail me?
Buk Attmuir.

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