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The Catholic-Jewish-Vegetarian-Credit Union Conspiracy--(6/10/99)

Just the other day,  I was standing in line at my Credit Union (I don't trust those behemoths of Mammon called "banks") waiting to deposit my disability,  Social Security,  federal welfare,  state utility assistance,  and Publisher's Clearinghouse sweepstakes check (which turned out to be a letter,  not a check,  but I digress),  when the waif-like Caucasian female in front of me turned to her "companion",  a hirsute and swarthy individual,  and said "No,  I DON'T want to get a steak.  I'm a vegetarian!"  As I recall,  and as I stated in custody later,  she then giggled coquettishly,  pushed against his broad denim-clad chest,  and pivoted backward on her ball-bearing-like heels (which were barely clad).  Much of the ensuing 4 seconds are a blur.  With the words of OUR LORD at the forefront of my cranium,  I "did unto others",  and offered the supportive assistance of a friendly innocent hand in maintaining her equilibrium.  Simply put,  I propped her up.

Now,  some might say otherwise,  especially those who were involved with the ensuing police debacle and the lawsuit I have before me (which explains the delay in writing my sermons since the last one).  The pencil-thin,  waif-like vixen might claim that I "touched her buttocks" and "nuzzled her earlobe",  but that is a downright vituperative and scurrilous slander--I propped her up,  plain and simple,  though I will admit,  in the melee,  I might have leaned forward to prevent her plummeting further askance and hence might have brushed her head with my face--that was simply my obeying the rules of physics.  This underfed twenty-something jackanape had the audacity to spurn my assistance and leap screaming into the arms of the hirsute and swarthy individual who was her companion.  At no time did I, as she and her dishonest witnesses claim,  "place my hand into her waistband".  I most certainly did not "thrust my pelvis against her buttocks",  nor did I yell "God save the youth of America!" as her legal complaints contend.  No sir.  She may possess signed and notarized statements from twenty witnesses,  but I contend that is bullhockey and folderol.  There were no more than 15 people in that bank,  and I did nothing they claim.

But I digress.

After my release and after obtaining the services of a local law firm (my lawyer is Hal Gregory,  who is working gratis,  and I thank him.  He may be contacted care of the Pensacola firm Mason,  Dixon,  and Divergent.),  I was allowed back in the doors of the Credit Union for fact-checking and information gathering.  What I found simply confirms my suspicions about the conspiracy against us--"us" here meaning God-fearing,  righteous,  gun-owning brethren nestled in the firmament of God's TRUE WORD and whatnot.

I do not think I need to explain further.  Most of you understand what I am suggesting.  Is it not clear?  I cannot be more succinct than I am in the title of this sermon.  Also,  I cannot explain much more because of the restraining order.  However,  to give you a few more clues, allow me to add the following disconnected comments that the more astute of our audience should be able to connect into a fine web of meaning:

Thanks for your support,  in advance.  I hope to be able to communicate with you soon.

Kyrie eleison,  mazel tov, and sister Christian,
Buck Atmore


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