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The Crypto-Jewish-Negro-Feminist Conspiracy-- (2/26/99)

Forgive me my brevity and possibly personal bent in this editorial.  I am but a poor human,  and susceptible to human foibles and failures.  I am feeling vengeful,  and perhaps it is noticeable.

I just learned that one of my sons is a homosexual.

Most parents whose children "come out",  as they say,  have no idea how this abomination arose.  They do not have a clear picture of the source and sustenance of the mental aberration that is homosexuality;  they do not understand the myriad reasons for this swerve from right and good.  They certainly do not understand that the condition can be reversed,  cured,  and removed from the Holy Writ of Activities maintained by our Lord and Savior.  No,  they don't know that,  but I do,  even if the back-door holy-of-holies reprobate son of mine doesn't.

And I understand the hideous and clever conspiracy that was in place to waylay my son.  Perhaps an explication and explanation of this conspiracy might help some of you.

I clearly remember the day back in the '70's when "Bucky" (the name has been changed,  obviously) came screaming into the house.  It seems that one of our more liberal neighbors' children,  "Lawanda Feldstein",  a half-breed offspring of a white (but Jewish) man and a black (but free-thinking Moslem) woman,  had caught "Bucky's" little pee-pee in the screen door of their bungalow,  causing it to swell to brobdignagian proportions.  It was,  in fact,  a veritable dirigible of an organ,  purple and distended and whatnot.  "Bucky" was fit to be tied,  and,  indeed,  as the medical report will verify,  was fit to be anesthetized and drained,  but that's another story.

Be that as it may,  Bucky was tarnished and troubled from that point on.  We did not realize it at the time,  but now,  thanks to the benefit of hindsight and Holy Prayer,  we do.  I also think that "Bucky's" accident,  in the home of such a miscegenated crew,  could not have been mere chance.  There was something more involved,  something less opportunistic and more ominous.

I think the facts and the denouement of this sad situation can be easily observed given the vista of time.  I weep,  but I must provide it.

First:  the presence in the household of non-Christian parents.
Second: the extension of "Bucky's" penis in the presence of a colored girl.
Third: the compaction of "Bucky's" penis by said girl.
Fourth: the fact that the mother in this household was a member of NOW.
Fifth: "Bucky's" disclosure of his wayward and ungodly sexual proclivities.
Sixth: the removal from propagation of our lineage from one of my scions.

It is not unbelievable to think that this situation was brought about by a conspiracy of non-Christian heathen sinners.  In fact, I think that's the only conclusion one can draw.  Given that,  I believe it is simply obvious that this is a conspiracy by the Jews and the coloreds to smack the pee-pees of Christian adolescents in screen doors to turn them (the Christian adolescents) into fags.  If it happened to my family, it will certainly happen to your family.  Be vigilant,  be on guard.  Be sure to remove your screen doors.  Do NOT put yourself in danger of having to live with the consequences of a dirigible-like pee-pee staring you in the face on your death-bed as you realize your chances for immortality have been sent down the proverbial drain.  Trust me.  This is horrible.

God bless,  and pray for our poor disgraced lineage,

Buck Atmore

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