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Pensacola,  the Rapture,  and Bubblehead Aliens--Expect It-- (2/26/99)

The Pensacola area (including Milton and Gulf Breeze)has a certain reputation outside of this locale.  The salience and attraction of that reputation varies amongst the outsiders who encounter that reputation,  whether via broadcast or print media.  The reputation,  whether accepted by or ridiculed by those apprehending the reputation,  is one of disconnected strangeness,  what with all the "slain in the spirit" and righteous seers and channelers intermingled with the Gulf Breeze UFO viewers and witnesses.  In fact,  outsiders view this "reputation" as two "reputations" -- one of religious fanaticism,  and one of belief in extraterrestrial visitation.

For example,  Pensacola is well known to be a magnet for chosen religious acolytes,  be they Brownsville Assembly visitors,  students at PCC,  or worshippers or visitors at the Pensacola Bible Institute.  Naysayers and heathens ridicule all the above,  but those of us with foresight and TRUE sight realize that this is a chosen and anointed area of the American Republic.  We are blessed,  in this area,  with all the above holy sites,  as well as John Burt,  Vicki (or is it Vicky) Conroy,  and the truly anointed workings of our local school board scapegoat and sacrificial lamb,  Vanette Webb.  May God bless and guide them all,  paragons of virtue and targets of derision that they are.

The same naysayers mentioned above often include other aspects of this area in their derision--for example,  the UFO watchers in Gulf Breeze are sometimes posited as just another example of "loonies" and "wackos" in Pensacola.  Some disbelievers go so far as to suggest that,  just because the Northwest Florida Gulf Coast is host to several military installations,  "unexplained" sightings of flying lights and manifestations can be explained via earthly reasons.  These thugs and pricks have the nerve to discount the reliable witness of many people simply because there MIGHT be aircraft flying in the area.

I might add to this a simple but Biblically demonstrated observation:  Ezekiel saw flying wheels.  And I don't think it is simply coincidental that all the above "odd" or "supernatural" manifestations are happening in Pensacola.  There is a holy movement afoot here,  with all the churches and assemblies and revivals;  there is a manifestation movement afoot here,  with all the UFO sightings;  and this is foretold in scripture.

Ezekiel tells us that in the thirtieth year,  on the fifth day of the fourth moon,  when he was in exile,  the heavens opened and he saw a vision of God.  A wind and a storm brewed,  and in the center of an opening in the clouds a gleaming object and four figures were seen.  The figures were human-like,  but had four faces and four wings (per each figure).  The faces were in fact faces of different animals (and one human).  The voice of God spoke through these visitors,  who we can obviously understand as being extraterrestrial in origin (by definition).  The VOICE,  indeed,  of GOD,  spoke,  and spaketh,  from that void!  That eye of the storm BOOMED with the vocalization of the Supreme!  Wakka jawaka!  Nam Prik!  Holy sebastioni cabot shama lama ding dong garotte!

Visitations by other entities is not restricted to the Old Testament.  A cursory reading of Revelations demonstrates much the same sort of holy and extraterrestrial visitation,  but with more far-reaching results.  Indeed,  the endtimes are presaged and predicted as part and parcel to an extraterrestrial encounter.

I believe that it is more than coincidental that Pensacola is home to so many holy shrines,  and Gulf Breeze is a known and proven viewing stand for ET's.  The prophecies in the Holy Scripture are being made manifest here on the Gulf Coast.  Northwest Florida shall be Ground Zero for the manifestation and resolution of these mysterious portents.  Yea,  though I may speak beyond my purpose on this bleak and desolately grey earth,  I feel I am anointed once again with the truth and verity of this veracious truism.  The spinning wheels,  the broken seals,  the multi-headed oddities and heaven-splitting phenomena are demonstrable in our devout residents and our devoted observers.  The end-times have come,  are well nigh,  and are visible to those with intelligence and understanding of the scriptures.  Woe be upon those who ignore the portents.

And when the Rapture comes,  you might just wish you were standing at the base of the bridge in Gulf Breeze with all the other "loonies".  ET won't be phoning home--he'll be melting the denuded and blasted surface of the earth,  while some of us ascend to the spinning wheels foretold by Ezekiel with gossamer wings and harps of gold.  Amen,  brethren,  and well met!

God bless,  spinning wheel,  and spirit in the sky,

Buck Atmore

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