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I Have Friends Who Aren't White.  Swear to God  (2/24/99)

A dear friend asked me just last week, "Buck,"  he said, "where do you stand on race relations?"

I was taken aback.  Flummoxed and confused,  I stuttered and hewed a reply akin to several diphthongs strung together with abandon.  Then,  I gathered my biblical wits about myself,  and gave my actual reply:

"I believe all colored people and all uncolored people should live together in peace. Based on the Bible."

In case you think I'm one of those ranting white supremacists,  keep in mind that the friend who asked this question has a great-grand-aunt who was colored.  So,  my friend is colored.

The reply's simplicity belies its deep philosophical basis.  "Colored people" and "uncolored people",  as described in the Bible,  have historically interacted and lived close by one another.  For example,  the lily-white chosen children of God have been described in many cases in the Bible giving the opportunity for personal and racial betterment to the less forturnate colored people then populating the region around Damascus and Jerusalem.  In fact,  one of the offshoots of the tribe of Abraham,  shockingly blonde and blue-eyed,  later settled in the region we now know of as Europe (particularly,  Germany,  Sweden,  Denmark,  and Norway).  Known as the Aryans,  this peaceful and beatific tribe was dispersed by the hirsute and swarthy invaders from the east sometime in the earlier ancient but historical centuries.  The offspring of this race are recently known to inhabit many areas of America,  especially those areas nearby militia enclaves.  Prior to this,  these chosen few were found in Germany,  circa 1929-1945.  Some of them still reside there.

So,  the Bible,  and other less believable historical tracts,  tell us that the colored and uncolored peoples were dispersed and separated,  but still co-existed.  I understand this simple historical lesson,  and don't understand why others miss it.  I am open-minded enough to accept that there are ignorant cretins out there without the benefit of my enlightenment.  Even though our brethren of more ebony shades developed some sort of society and civilization in the hotter climes of deep Africa,  the more advanced societies migrated to the better real estate of Europe.

Look at a map.  Europe is more compact and more readily navigable than that morass of evanescent nations in Africa.  No wonder the colored societies,  and tribes,  or what not,  were developmentally challenged.  Their maps were poorly laid out,  and they didn't have the benefit of superior navigational skills.  Not to mention the fact that various African tribes continued to sell neighboring tribal members to innocent white traders and explorers,  causing the descendents of those innocent traders and explorers to apologize for their forefathers' mistakes.

So,  to my friend,  when he asked about race relations,  I replied they should live together in peace.  I think my rationale above explains that reply.  Peace,  love,  harmony,  and neighborliness.  As long as the colored folks stay on that side of the street and the rest of us are over here,  I don't see many problems.  Otherwise,  I have a gun.

Thank you,  and God bless,

Buck Atmore

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