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Women: Give 'em an Inch...(2/20/99)

The warp and weft of society's fabric was weakened when women were allowed equal footing with men.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony were probably some fine strapping birds,  and their actions and activities may have even improved the lot of the fairer sex,  but I think the facts support my thesis that society is worse now due to their legacy.

Back in relatively ancient times (i.e.,  the 1950's-1970's),  most women were content to fulfill their God-defined duties:  (1) keep a home,  (2) service their mate (who in those days was invariably male),  and (3) look sharp.  Some of those women,  taking advantage of the disruptive and completely un-Godly and socialistic disruptions caused by the aforementioned Bimbo Duo,  felt it necessary to add,  adhere to,  and propagate another duty:  (4) voting and running for office. One cohort of the above "ladies",  Victoria Woodhull,  a known and inveterate "whore of Babylon" and reprobate,  actually tried to run for President of the US!  Imagine!  Luckily,  her ruse was discovered and she was drummed out of the country (unfortunately,  she lived a long and prosperous life with much money and glamor--but I digress).

The "ladies" mentioned above were,  of course,  historical (and one might add "hysterical") figures prior to the 1950-1970 duodecade.  Their legacy and their ideals,  unfortunately,  have continued unabated through that period on to the present.

On any given day,  at any given time,  one might enter a manufacturing facility or a high-finance skyscraper and find the same unnerving thing--women are doing the work of men.  I have even heard mention of women filling CEO positions (ludicrous,  that thought,  and I would perish before entertaining it).  With a cursory examination of businesses,  it is now possible to find women supervising men,  women supervising men and women,  and women supervising men and/or women whilst being supervised by women or men and/or women/men.  Not only have women obtained the right to vote,  they are now holding high profile and important positions of power.  Our Secretary of State does not stand whilst voiding her bladder,  nor does the head of the Department of Justice (well,  maybe).  We have even allowed the addition of a member of the fairer sex to the Supreme Court.  Things fall apart,  the center cannot hold.

I think we should look to our Bible for some guidance when considering the placement of females in society.  First of all,  Eve was created from Adam,  and she was made to be his helper and assistant,  NOT his supervisor.  Secondly,  from the same book (Genesis),  we have the example of Lot's daughters,  who,  after causing the destruction of a city due to their lack of appeal to the visiting strangers,  engaged in intercourse with Lot.  God approved of that,  and so do I.  In fact,  I hold that women,  whether unrelated or blood kin,  should be at the disposal of men at any time.  That was the intent of God,  our Creator,  and it works for me.

Women,  for good reason,  were not allowed equal footing with men in the holy Bible.  Part of the problem in today's society is our disavowal and ignorance of that simple truth.  I suggest we return to the days of godliness and holiness,  and put women back where they belong:  as helpmeets and chattel,  mere receptacles for the offerings and issuance of the dominant gender.

Thank you,  and God bless
Buck Atmore

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