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God,  Guts,  Guns,  and God (2/20/99)

This country was founded upon,  and continues to exist because of,  firearms.  Our founding fathers saw fit to include the inalienable right to bear and hold weaponry in our Bill of Rights,  that wondrous and fluid addendum to the Constitution.  The only fault I can find in their reasoning is that they did not envisage the need for multiple firearms in each homestead,  and the need for automatic,  quick-firing,  easily concealed weaponry.  Our right,  as God-fearing Americans,  to possess as many firearms as possible, is guaranteed by the framework of our great nation.  In fact,  I would posit that it behooves every American to possess as many firearms as his or her budget allows.  I believe the facts support this position.  Allow me to demonstrate.
  Those are just some of the reasons that the God-given right to carry firearms should be protected,  especially in light of the atrocious Brady Bill and its liberal socialist knee-jerk cousins.  Outlaw guns,  and legislate against guns,  and only outlaw legislative crooks will have guns.  You can have my guns when you pry my cold,  hard,  dead,  distended,  bloody,  rigor mortis-stiffened,  smelly,  decomposed fingers from them.

Thank you,  and God bless
Buck Atmore

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