Buck Atmore Ministries (BAM)
"The truth as God told me"TM

Buck Atmore is a vibrant,  God-fearing patriot,  providing truthful and anointed ministering to the greater Pensacola-Milton-Jay area.

Buck's Biography

NEWSLETTERS AVAILABLE ON-LINE (active links are underlined):

For those of you wishing to find a kindred spirit in Pensacola who ISN'T joking about these topics,  you might want to visit Chuck Baldwin's web site.

Buck Atmore Ministries started in 1981 as a KJV-following,  God-fearing outreach program off Nine Mile Road in Pensacola,  Florida.  The main organ of communication was mimeographed newsletters,  and this remains our choice for spreading the Good Word.  It soon grew to include a radio program heard from 7:42 PM to 8:15 PM Thursday and Friday on 950 AM (if the Mr. Microphone is working),  and branched out to points worldwide with the inheritance from Buck's aunt of a Grundig 320GD short-wave transmitter.